Thompson On…Purple Phantoms the fourth novel!

Julius Thompson


  For Twelve years, I lived and breathed the Julius Thompson Trilogy: A Brownstone In Brooklyn, Philly Style and Philly Profile and Ghost of Atlanta.

      It was a wonderful journey with a character, Andy Michael Pilgrim, that covered a thirty year time frame.
I traveled from Miami, Florida to New York City promoting the books, meeting new people, establishing a loyal fan base and marketing my novels.
I survived a Hurricane that smashed the Washington, D.C. area a few years ago. It kept me from promoting my books in Baltimore, but I went to New York City that same weekend and made some major publishing contacts.
And now with Ghost of Atlanta scheduled for release in January 2011, it’s time to move onto the next phase of my writing career.
Twelve years is a big chunk of my life. Now, I will close the door on the adventures of Andy Michael Pilgrim.
Now, it’s time to move onto Book Four: Purple Phantoms. The story of the haunting of a high school basketball team.

Chapter One

They were five marauders, seeking to find an athletic home. It would be a place for ghosts to…

The rest will be coming soon!


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