Thompson On…Writing!

Julius Thompson

Sitting at your computer with a cup of coffee ready to write that first draft of your next novel…
Authors need a regular routine when they sit at the computer and prepare to write! When you’re in a creative mood, you must follow a set of actions that will lead to the production of dynamic writing.
When I sit in the chair at my computer, I slip into a writing zone. I don’t want any distractions.
First, I click on the Purple Phantoms icon on the  desktop that opens the word document that transports me to the world of my  fourth novel. I pick up from where I left off on my previous writing excursion  into the world of the haunted high school basketball team.  I have everything in reach–Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Elements of Style –and my folders with character ideas, setting, etc.
Then the writing process begins: Sit down  in front of the computer, stare at the blank screen, then put words on that  screen. Some days the words flow and other days they trickle at a slow pace. The point—put words on the screen.
Author C. J. Cherryh said it best:  “Write Garbage, Edit Brilliantly.”


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