Thompson On…Georgia Author of the Year Ceremony!

Julius Thompson


 Excitement filled the air on Saturday night,  June 11, 2011, at the 47th Georgia Author of the Year Awards Ceremony at  Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia

      I was among the twelve authors nominated in the fiction category for the top prize in Georgia. It was not only
a competition,  but a celebration of the written word.

        My goal is to work as hard as  possible for recognition as writer of quality fiction and introduce my books to
a wide readership. Each day I work to achieve these goals.
       Saturday night was an excellent opportunity as I watched the cover of Ghost of Atlanta flash up on the  hugh message board that dominated the event center. I was able to market my book and enjoy the evening.  Would I have l liked to have won the honor? Of course!  But that was not the only goal or my major goal for being at the event. This was a chance for me to stop, take a deep breath and just enjoy what I’ve been able
to accomplish with the help of God Almighty.
       I felt so good that Dennis  DeRose, the editor of my three books,  and his wife Carla made the trip from Middletown, New York to celebrate with me. Also my friend in writing, Dr. Clara Abron, came along with her brother to the awards ceremony. On Friday Night, I was a little nervous and I posted on facebook and Linkedin how I felt. I was really touched with the responses of so many people. I want to say “Thank You!”
       When National Award winning author Terry Kay, who received the Lifetime Achievement award, looked me in the eye after the event and said, “Keep Those Words flowing”, those words meant so much to me.
        After A Brownstone in Brooklyn was published in 2001. I needed somebody to give my book an  endorsementand Kay wrote a short review for me. He didn’t have to do this, but he did and it has been a big boost to my career. Kay wrote: This is a bold, heart-felt work, certainly worthy of those fortunate enough to discover it in  their quest for both interest and pleasure in their reading.”
        As authors, editors, readers and people who love the written word, we have to support each other. This is a
lonely business and  when we do get together at an event like the Georgia Author of the year Awards, it’s should be a celebration.
        God Bless everybody in their quest to achieve their dreams and goals!

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