Bloodlines, Tales From the African Diaspora Book Review!

Veronica Henry’s short story anthology, Bloodlines, Tales From the African Diaspora, creates an awesome impression. Ms. Henry put together a collection of short stories by authors who not only entertain, but allow the reader to experience  places they will never visit and people they will never meet.
Each of the fourteen short stories excites and moves the reader to turn the pages to experience adventure.  The stories range from Ronald Jones’ African sci-fi adventure Skyboat Strangers, Boureima Igodiame Soumana’s tale of a stolen child in Near But Far, Eleanor Adams’ edgy experience of African-American women in Along Racial Lines and Kalunda Bockarie’s voyage to a futuristic prison on the moon in Lunar Slam.
Each of the author’s creativity is expressed in developing unique and compelling characters. You are drawn into each story  with characters that energize word pictures that pull the reader into the  storylines. The settings are realistic and the scenes are crammed full of  action.
This is like experiencing a fourteen-course gourmet meal, with each  course tasteful, flavorful and satisfies a variety of genre appetites. There is  something for every reader to enjoy and experience.


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