A television interview in the future would be a pipe dream for me? That was a question I often wondered would I ever have the opportunity to answer.

I would daydream of a stint on C-SPAN’sBook TV or an interview at the round table with Charlie Rose.

Wow, I thought if this would become a reality I could generate major book sales and a movie deal and of course the purchase a major publishing house (smile).

I let out a sigh! And I would say to myself stop dreaming and wake up.

Well all of the above is fiction…fornow!

But my goal of appearing on a television program to discuss my books and a passion of writing is a reality.

I will be a guest author on a great show called “Pages” on CAU-TV, a public access channel on Comcast, located in Atlanta,

The guest appearance will take place on Tuesday,  Oct. 18, 2011 at 1:30 PM. What a spectacular birthday present.

This has been a whirl wind two weeks with Ghost of Atlanta a 2011 Reader’s Favorite National Fiction Award Gold Winner, a speaking engagement at the AJC-Decatur Book Festival and now a guest appearance on a local television

Ms. Chasity E. Evans, a producer for CAU-TV emailed me: “I am highly interested and would be thrilled if you could come!”

Of course I emailed her back within minutes with a resounding “Yes.”

I call this my “Birthday Interview” and it will mark my television debut.

I want to wholeheartedly thank fellow author Ms. Madge Owens for recommending me to be on the “Pages” Program.

What an after thought. When you sit on the television set and smile, do you look at the Host or the monitor?

I’ll find the answer over the next few weeks as I prepare for this Blessed


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