Please Respond to a quote from A Brownstone in Brooklyn

  I was asked to choose a quot from my first novel, A Brownstone in Brooklyn, to reflect on the unpredictable nature of ife. How things are never the amse and human beings have to adjust to life’s changing events.

 A Brownstone in Brooklyn is about growing up in the turbulent sixties, one of the most event filled decades in Black-American history.
   A Brownstone in Brooklyn chronciles the life-altering events that shape the future of Andy Michael Pilgrim, a young man growing up in the turbulent sixties. This is a quote from Sister Love, a character sitting on the B-52 bus riding to her job at the A&S Department Store in downtown Brookyn. She’s watching some young kids playing in the  the water squirting from a fire hydrant.
    What do you think? What is your reaction to this quote?
    “The most special times in a person’s life are not meant to last forever. They’re like bubbles from a plastic ring dipped into a soapy solution. The soap bubbles rise, with the sun flashing brillant colors, then bursts into a showery memory mist.”
    —Julius Thompson, A Brownstone in Brooklyn
    Please leave a response or email your response:

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