Julius Thompson on the Julia Widdop National BlogTV Show!

  I will be making my first National BlogTV Show appearance onMonday, June 18, 2012at10:30 amvia Webcam, on the Julia Widdop BlogTV show from the main studio inGrand   Junction,Colorado!

The airtime will be on Wednesday, June 20, 2012. Check back for links to watch the broadcast.

Wow, this is wonderful!

What an opportunity to be interviewed by incredible host Julia Widdop from the Julia Widdop Productions: Publishers Speak and SeekersJourney TV.Com. Please visit www.juliaWiddop.com to learn more about the Publishers Speak BlogTV programs.

Each interview is about 25-30 minutes long. The interview will be pre-recorded and I will have it uip and running on my website: www.purplephantoms.com and the host will upload to http://YouTube.com/juliawiddop

After the interview, and later that evening, I will be in the TV show chat room to answer questions from viewers. I will send out a link for the TV Show chat room closer to the interview date.

I will send links to the TV interview to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Wordsmith Blog, Authorsden, and Blogger and also my publisher, Passionate Writer Publishing.

In the TV interview, I will be discussing my new novel Purple Phantoms, published by Passionate Writer Publishing. This novel follows on the success of the 2011 Readers Favorite Gold Medal Award Winning, Ghost of Atlanta, also published by PWP. Ghost of Atlanta is the third book in the Julius Thompson Trillogy which includes A Brownstone in Brooklyn and Philly Style and Philly Profile.

PWP did a wonderful job with my last novel, Ghost of Atlanta, which won a 2011 National Fiction Award. I will travel to the Miami Book Fair International in November 2012 to pick up the Gold Medal.

 Purple Phantoms has started garnering a ground-swell of national interest in the pre-publication stage. Purple Phantoms one-line synopsis:

     “Five Ghosts–basketball players whose lives were cut short–return to haunt five basketball starters to help them try to win the coveted State Championship.”


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