Julius Thompson Enrolled in the Digitial Revolution!!!!!!

When you read a novel, it is not only for entertainment, but to learn something about life.Oh, how we human beings must meet and overcome new challenges.

I love the character of Jane Marple from the Agatha Christie Mystery series.

Miss Marple said in the book Of Bertram’s Hotel, when another character pined about life changing and not staying the same: “The Essence of life is change.”

Wow, that struck me!

I applied that axiom to my life and to the marketing of my novels: A Brownstone in Brooklyn, Philly Style and Philly Profile, Ghost of Atlanta, Purple Phantoms and Chasing the Wind.

Now, I’ve gone digital and my high school students are proud!

Jump onto your computer, Ipad, Iphone, Nook Book and cell phone and enjoy my multi-media digital world!

Video: Enjoy my “Thompson On…”  Blog video Series

Thompson on Blog Series:


Audio Book: Listen sections of my novels!

Prologue: Philly Style and Philly Profile


Chapter 23: Philly Style and Philly Profile


Mobile: Now you can find my websites about Julius Thompson and his books on Cell phones, Ipads, Nooks and other mobile devices!



Marketing Videos for Purple Phantoms and my past book tours:

Purple Phantoms:


Book Marketing National Tours:



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