Thompson On…National Radio “Author Talk” Interview!

I just completed a very stimulating conversation withCaliforniabased author Mark Tierno on his national radio show—Author Talk!

Mr. Tierno interviews authors from across international borders to get a different perspective on writing, publishing and marketing.

In the forty-five minute interview we talked about “Ghost Of Atlanta”, winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite National Gold Medal Award for General Fiction and the soon to be published Purple Phantoms by Passionate Writer Publishing. We both agreed that finding a great publisher, who was concerned about quality, was extremely hard and the most important challenge for an author.

I talked about how Passionate Writer Publishing fulfilled my needs as an author and was one of the best things that has happened to me as an author.

We also talked about the importance of an editor to an author. Of course, I had to brag on my editor Dennis DeRose.

Mr. Tierno is the author of incredible fantasy novels and please visit his website to learn more about his works.

Please visit to listen to the interview!



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