Purchase Purple Phantoms!!!!!

Purple Phantoms are everywhere!

Purple Phantoms is now available at the publisher, Passionate Writer Publishing, website and will be at internet book sellers and national chain and independent brick-and-mortar book stores in the future.

 Please Purchase your very own copy of Purple Phantoms at:


Julius Thompson’s fourth novel received a five-star book review from the prestigious Reader’s Favorite National Book Review: Purple Phantoms is a brilliant book that young adults and adult readers will adore.”

The Purple Phantom Book Cover: The basketball player on the front cover captures the mystery of the Phantoms. The fact that you can’t see his face adds to the mystery and the intrigue in the book. The championship banners in the background show the final goal of the Phantoms return to Earth.
Purple Phantoms’ one-line synopsis: “Five Ghosts—basketball players whose lives were cut short—return to haunt five basketball starters to help them try to win the coveted State Championship.

Mr. Thompson’s other novels include A Brownstone in Brooklyn, Philly Style and Philly Profile and the national Gold Medal award winning Ghost of Atlanta.

Mr. Thompson is currently writing his fifth novel, Chasing the Wind.

Visit Julius Thompson’s websites for more information about his novels: www.jtwrites.com or  http://www.authorsden.com/juliusthompsonbooks


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