A Brownstone in Brooklyn and Ghost of Atlanta on Barnes & Nobles Bookshelves!

BN Shelf TwoI’m animated! I’m excited! I’m energized!
I walked into the Barnes & Nobles book store in the “The Shoppes at Webb Gin” shopping mall in Snellville, Georgia on Saturday.
I was walking down the Fiction & Literature aisle. I was browsing and looking at the fiction books. The books were listed under the authors’ last names in alpha order. I found the “T” section when I saw New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor’s name. I paused for a second and then I did a double take at the authors’ names on the books placed on the top shelf. The books are located next to the novel, Home, at the left of the photo
My jaw dropped when I saw two of my four published novels on the shelves of a Barnes & Nobles Store. It’s hard to get one novel on the bookshelves of a brick and mortar book store, but two!
BNTwo I stood and gazed for a few minutes, then did a little dance. I’m glad I had finished this exhibition when I looked and saw three little old ladies walk down the aisle. They were looking for books and talking amongst themselves. They turned and looked at me with a strange look.
I smiled.
I asked one of them to take the picture of me in front of the book shelf. She agreed, but then she asked her friend to take the photo because she was a better photographer. I wanted to scream, but held back that emotion
I’ve been waiting fifteen years for this to happen since the publication of A Brownstone In Brooklyn and Philly Style and Philly Profile.
Now, A Brownstone in Brooklyn and Ghost of Atlanta are on the Barnes & Nobles bookshelves at the same time! Wow…at the same time! What an honor and a blessing from God.
Hmm…now how can I get Philly Style and Philly Profile and Purple Phantoms on the Barnes & Nobles bookshelves?


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