Julius J.E. Thompson Creative Writing Consultations!


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Jumpstarting Your Inner Novelist

I have been  getting a lot of calls from people who just need a little push or helping hand in constructing their novel. Here’s is what I have decided to do. I’ll give you a no-strings-attached 20 minute PHONE  consultation with me. For just $70.00 an no additional fees, I will be happy to give you any information about the construction of a novel, publishing a novel and marketing a novel. If you choose to work with me further, it will be your choice.”

       Experience: Creative Writing Instructor for nine years at Evening at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga.

      National Award-Winning Author: “The Ghost of Atlanta”  is on the bookshelves of Barnes & Nobles.

       Author: Five Published Books!

In the 20 minutes you have me on the phone you you can:

*   Pick my brain about Creative Writing, Publishing and Marketing

*   Get my opinion on a book, website or anything that you want to look at on the internet

*   Brainstorm ways to create a novel and the day-to-day process of writing

*   Discuss the set of tools to help you address issues such as developing captivating scenes, creating vivid descriptive  specific details, living in the setting, editing and grammar and other crucial elements to help you write a potentially success novel.

*   Provide you with a list of resources that will further develop your creative writing ability.

Visit my new Creative Writing Consultation Website:http://consultwithjulius.com/


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