Monday Writing Tips: Consult with Julius on Subplots!

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Jumpstarting Your Inner Novelist!

How do you use subplots to your advantage in crafting a novel?

A subplot is a secondary plot that is supporting a side story for any story or main plot line.

Have you ever driven down one of those winding backroads in a rural area and couldn’t figure out how to get back to the main highway? Well, that is the feeling a reader gets when they read a novel and get lost in the tangling subplots.

Your goal as an author is to create a little depth in your novel, maybe a little suspense, but not take anything away from your main plot and pull your reader out of the “Fictive Dream”.

Writing Tip:  Your objective is to pick and choose when to use or add subplots to add depth to your book. For example, the main character can have more than one goal, usually relating to the main goal in some way.

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