Monday Writing Tips: Consult With Julius on Description in a novel!


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Jumpstarting Your Inner Novelist

Your goal as an author is to “Be Specific” in your novel: A clarion call to all creative writers as you pull your readers into the “Fictive Dream” of your book. That’s the reason description is considered an art form. Description is simply a portrayal in words, of something that can be perceived by the senses.

    Writing Tip:  Your objective is to use sensory language: sight, sound, taste, feel, etc. It must be vivid. For example, keep a Descriptive journal, where you keep your writing exercises. One exercise you can do: observe and then describe the event in vivid words. Your writing must be concrete or vivid; add specific details, show sensory images, etc.

For more information on description, purchase Jumpstarting Your Inner Novel:



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