Monday Writing Tips: Consult with Julius on “Point of View” in a novel!

Blank white book w/path
Jumpstarting Your Inner Novelist!

How am I going to tell my story? Which point of view (POV) should I use. Your goal as an author is to decide on the point of view I want to use to tell my story. You must swallow hard and try to figure out Point of View”: the “Voice” in which to write your novel…so many choices! Point of View is the way the author allows you to “see” and ‘hear” what’s going on in a novel.

Writing Tip:  Your objective is find the best POV to tell your story: First, Second or Third-person point of view. Ask yourself: What serves the story best? For Example: Write a paragraph in three different point of views and see which one works best for your novel.

For more information on point of view, purchase Jumpstarting Your Inner Novelist!


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