How I reached the point in writing my fifth novel: Stormy Winds!

Blank white book w/path
Blank bookcover with clipping path
When you finish a novel, start writing the next novel!
I’m writing my fifth novel: Stormy Winds.
When I look at the word “Fifth”, it scares me. It seems like just yesterday I was working on my first novel, A Brownstone in Brooklyn, in the nineties. With the publication of Brownstone, I thought my novel writing days were over.
Now, four books later and I’m going strong in crafting novels.
I’m on a roll.
However, the crafting of a novel is never easy. There is character development with character resumes, scene construction, setting or the sense of place in a book, point of view, descriptive details, pacing, etc.
The elements of a novel are daunting and must be conquered and woven together into a cohesive book that will grab and keep readers turning the pages.
In Stormy Winds, I want to explore how characters persevere over or destroyed by ever changing themes in their lives.
After the publication of A Brownstone in Brooklyn in 2001, the flood gates opened with Philly Style and Philly Profile in 2007, The Ghost of Atlanta in 2011 and Phantoms of Rockwood in 2013.
My fourth novel, Phantoms of Rockwood, followed the National Gold Medal Award Winning The Ghost of Atlanta. This book beat out over 200 novels for the fiction award.
I learned something from Terry Kay, the incredible southern author, that has helped me since 2005, when I started writing Philly Style and Philly Profile, and that is when I finish a book, “don’t get up from the desk until you have written the first line of the next book.”
That has helped me stay in the process of writing a novel. The writing never stops and I LOVE it!
Please and click to visit my Amazon.Website to learn about my four novels: A Brownstone in Brooklyn, Philly Style and Philly Profile (now a Screenplay), The Ghost of Atlanta and Phantoms of Rockwood:


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