History, Old Jail Museum in North Carolina


1-A-Historical Museum Hayesville NC

Sometimes the most interesting museums to visit are not in large cities or in other countries, but only three hours away from where you live nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

The Clay County Historical Museum can be found in the small town of Hayesville. It’s located in the building that once was known as the Old County Jail from the years 1912 until 1972.

5-Historical Museum Hayesville NC

There are two floors to this historical museum with exhibits filling every room from spinning wheels to a vintage feed sack exhibit.

One of the rooms had an exhibit of a replica of an early farmhouse kitchen. Do you see the oil lamp on the table and the candles on the wall? This was the source of lighting a room after dark before the days of electricity.

7-Historical Museum Hayesville NCIn another room is an exhibit of Dr. Killian’s working office where he practiced medicine from the late 1800’s until 1940’s. He was one of Clay County’s most dedicated doctors. One his…

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